Verkaufsdisplay Möschen im Döschen


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Verkaufsdisplay Möschen im Döschen
Verkaufsdisplay Möschen im Döschen


12ER SET MASTURBATIN – Tempting Coochies in cans

Our MasturbatTIN pocket pussies have it all. Each one feels super soft and completely natural but attracts in its own way. The twisted Swirl Girl receives the best piece with her distinctive swirl structure. Dotty Dora leaves a lasting impression with a strikingly dotted, receptive octopussy. And with her fine rib structure Ribbed Rita finally seduces little friends to rise above themselves.

The self-explanatory display for the sales counter or shelf makes your customers want to access it spontaneously and discover their personal favourite pussy. The charming MasturbatTIN sisters come in funny, stylish packaging in dozens: 4x Swirl Girl, 4x Dotty Dora and 4x Ribbed Rita. A MasturbatTIN pocket pussy in cans is not only a great, reasonably priced take-away item, but also a cheeky and frivolous gift idea that is well appreciated by the recipient. After all, a merry "Coochie in a can" is much better than canned beer.

Customers who just want the fun with a one-night stand as intended will want to repeat it with the next MasturbatTIN pocket pussy. To customers who would like to go for a second or third ride, we have a great insider tip on how to take proper care. With the new Mystim care powder "Virgin Wonder" properly powdered, a MasturbatTIN pocket pussy keeps its virgin velvety finish for much longer. But when it' s been noodled, it's really time for a new one. In short: The provocative MasturbatTIN pocket pussies look good in your shop. Well then, get them into your line.

more informations:
  • Each 4 x Ribbed Rita, Swirl Girl & Dotty Dora
  • Just open display and sell - no annoying or complicated construction
  • Large info graphic, so that customers understands the article instantly
  • Perfect for the counter or on the shelf
  • 3 types - sparkling variety for the customer
  • Type: Display with a set of 12 pocket pussies
  • Content: 4x Swirl Girl, 4x Dotty Dora und 4x Ribbed Rita
  • Measurements display (open/closed): 23 cm x 17,3 cm x 7,8 cm / 23 cm x 17,3 cm x 21,8 cm
  • Diameter x Hight of each can 5,5 cm x 7,3 cm
  • Each can comes with a protective stopper and lubricant
  • Comes in a funny, stylish package
  • 12-month warranty, except wear and tear
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